FULL bushing kit




BMW e30 full suspension poly bushes

with engine and gearbox bushes included.


For all BMW e30 all types.

Material used

All the bushes in the kit are made of polyurethane. They are much more durable than the original rubber mountings.


You can choose bushes in 3 different hardness: 75, 80 and 90 sha.

  • 75 sha (soft) is best for common use. This hardness is the most similar to the original feel of the car.
  • 80 sha (medium) is best for common and performance use. Recommended in cars used ocassionaly in performance driving.
  • 90 sha (hard) is best for high performance, sport and drift.

Hardness is not the same as resistance. Resistance is equal in all types of bushes.


The colour depends on the pigment we use. It is not related to hardness.

We chose black colour as default. But if you need any other kind of colour, let us know.


The kit includes 23 pieces:

  • 2x front control arm bushes
  • 4x rear control arm bushes
  • 2x rear axle carrier bushes
  • 1x differential mounting bushing
  • 2x front stabilizer bushes
  • 2x rear stabilizer bushes
  • 2x front stabilizer link bushes
  • 4x rear stabilizer link bushes
  • 2x gearbox support bushes
  • 2x engine support bushes
  • mounting lubricant


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