BMW e30 Polybushes

Apart from spoilers, we also offer BMW e30 suspension bushes.


We use a high quality polyurethane to produce the bushes. It is a flexible material resistant to tearing, prepared for dynamic loads and wide temperature range.

Normal and sport use

The bushes are dedicated for normal use and for motorsports. They will highly improve the possibilities of your car.

Options of hardness

There are 3 types of hardness. All types of hardness have the same durability.

Choose hardness according to your activities:

  • Normal hardness (75sha) for every day commuting.
  • Medium (80sha) for occasional sport events.
  • Hard (90sha) for extreme sport conditions.
Full suspension

We offer polybushes for every suspension element in BMW e30. We also have engine and gearbox mounts.

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